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On your most beautiful day, I tell your own personal story and capture the unforgettable moments and emotions. A wonderful reminder of the start into your married life together.

A couple shoot can be a dress rehearsal for your wedding, or a beautiful memory of your love - precious moments recorded for eternity.

Do you want to marry abroad? Then you are just right here! Together we search for breathtaking landscapes and the perfect light. A wedding on the beach or a romantic shoot in the narrow alleys of Rome - no problem! I'm here for you.

Conny & Marco

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2022 Destinations

November: Thailand

Last Destinations:

Norway, Israel, Jordan, Venice, Lanzarote, Munich, Netherlands, Amalfi, Italy, Dublin + Ireland Coast, Zanzibar, Äthiopien, Philippines, Portugal, Marokko, Mexiko, Belize, Thailand, Raja Ampat, Süd Afrika, Island, Seychellen, Northspain, Greek Islands

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