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I am Agata and I am a wedding photographer from Vienna. Who am I and how did I get into photography? Let me say a few words about myself.

At some point in our lives, we reach a point where we ask ourselves what is it that really matters to us and what fulfills us? You wonder what it is that motivates you, what inspires you and how to best live out your creative streak. In my case that was the moment when I discovered my great passion for travel and photography.

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I love natural and vivid images, especially when they tell a story. My photos are as candid as possible, informal, authentic and happy. Photography is more than just a job to me, it’s a pure passion that you see in every picture!

Hochzeitsfotografin Milos
Hochzeitsfotografin Milos


Hochzeitsfotografin Milos

I do not accept compromises. For each of my projects, I put 100% commitment into my work. Beautifully packaged, high quality images, which you will hold in your hands, are the best proof!

I am here for you!

Hochzeitsfotografin Milos

I am here for you!

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