Couple Session in the forest

19 March 2020

In March, the countless small purple blossoms of the heather begin to turn the forest floor into a soft carpet of flowers. Is there a more beautiful place in late summer? Dani and Francesco had chosen this magical place in Styria for a couple shoot. The colour contrasts of the delicate lilac of the flowers with the lush green of the leaves created a fairytale setting for this sweet couple. 

Couple Session in the forest

The beauty of a couple shoot is that you can choose a very special location. You could choose a place that means a lot to you, where you feel especially comfortable or that simply offers a great backdrop. There is also a lot of choice when it comes to outfits. Will it be something completely new or that beautiful piece from the back of your wardrobe that doesn’t get enough attention? It can be a piece that the couple knows and loves from their everyday life together. Instead of the wedding look, the favourite jumper and the most comfortable shoes can be worn for the love shoot – or even the leather jacket! As a Boho photographer, this is exactly my style! These two will rock the leather jacket look at their wedding too, don’t you think? 

Couple Photoshoot in Austria

Every couple and their story is as individual and unique as the location and outfit. As a couple photographer I get a little insight into your lives and love to capture your story and the moments we share in beautiful natural photos. 

A couple shoot in the forest provides ample space, tranquillity and inspiration, making it perfect for spontaneous and creative ideas. In the midst of the beautiful purple sea of blossoms on the heath and by the little stream, we took very natural photos. The two were joking around, but also romantic and tightly embraced. The warm afternoon light caressed the two lovebirds.

It is so inspiring to be a couple photographer in Styria. There are many uniquely beautiful places and untouched nature here, where dreamlike photos can be shot. Whether it’s a heather shoot in the forest or a majestic mountain relief – we’ll find the perfect backdrop for you!

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