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        Your true and authentic story

        I would describe myself as a storyteller. My goal is to be able to tell your story, so that you will enjoy it still in 50 years’ time. I love natural, emotional and authentic wedding photos. I'm always on the lookout for goosebump moments. Let us laugh, celebrate and enjoy together. I would like to get to know you, tell your unique personal story and capture the unforgettable moments and emotions for you.


        Upon request I am happy to send you my price list! The price depends on how long the shooting will take, whether I will come on my own or be accompanied by a colleague and where your wedding will take place.

        Destination Wedding

        I accompany you to anywhere in the world. Send me a message and tell me about your wedding! Nowadays where flying is so cheap (and I am an expert in finding the best travel deals) it is very likely that your wedding abroad won’t be much more expensive than a wedding in Austria.

        After Wedding Shoot

        An After Wedding Shooting is a great opportunity to wear your wedding outfits again and we’ll have all the time in the world for the shoot. I am a big fan of After Wedding sessions abroad and why not combine your honeymoon with a fantastic shooting?

        Engagement Shoot

        A couple shoot can be a dress rehearsal for your wedding day or a wonderful memory of your love. I offer a complete package with USB stick and photo box or a download link with your photos.

        All other shootings

        All other shootings are billed in 30-minute slots. We start at an hour and can prolong if needed. You get a download link from me with the best photos (at least 50) in two resolutions. If you like, you can also book a “Get more” Version.