Five top tips for a beautiful wedding on a budget

14 December 2018

Even a low-budget wedding can be beautiful and enchant you and your guests with the lovingly handmade ambience and love in the detail. With simple means, you can make this day unforgettable despite a small budget.

Five top tips for a beautiful wedding on a budget

Often relatives and friends have, sometimes unknown, talents and happily give their time, designing and organising, DJing or baking and cooking!

1. Outdoor Wedding

Have a garden wedding party! Do you have friends or family members with a beautiful garden? Then you have the perfect venue for your wedding party. It does not have to be an expensive location, holding the party outdoors makes for a familiar flair and offers a family-friendly setting.

Tipps für eine Hochzeit mit kleinem Budget

2. DIY decoration 

There are now countless instructions for home-made wedding decorations on the Internet, like tissue paper pompoms. Let yourself be inspired, there are many sweet ideas! In addition, you can use fairylights, lanterns, balloons or colorful bunting. Make your own festive table decoration by putting wildflowers or candles into small jars.

Tipps für eine Hochzeit mit kleinem Budget

3. Save on flowers

Just buy a lot of eucalyptus and gypsophila (also called Baby´s Breath) at the florists. That’s inexpensive but still looks classy. You can also pick some wildflowers and raid the gardens of your friends / family members (with prior permission!)

Tipps für eine Hochzeit mit kleinem Budget

4. Design your own stationery

There are very elaborate templates on the internet or cheap but beautiful accessories like stickers or stamps etc. at your local stationery shop. Often it just needs nice craft paper, maybe a photo of you and a beautiful handwriting or lettering and your individually designed invitation cards, table cards etc. are done.

Tipps für eine Hochzeit mit kleinem Budget

5. Catering by your family and friends

Really low budget is when your friends, instead of gifts, bring food for the buffet and also contribute some drinks. Prepare a list of what everyone wants to bring to get a good balance between sweet and savoury,  salad and pasta. Your guests will be happy to contribute to the success of your wedding and a low budget wedding will be a very special, individually designed celebration in which your love and that of your guests for you, will be tangible.

Tipps für eine Hochzeit mit kleinem Budget

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