Wedding Checklist – What to do when?

4 September 2018

My wedding checklist helps you to think of everything at the right time while staying relaxed and on top of things!

Wedding Checklist – What to do when?

1 year before the wedding

  • Do you already know if your wedding should have a specific theme or color scheme or if the guests should bring something special? Get inspired on our website!
  • Think carefully about what your budget will be and how much you want to budget for what. Set priorities for those things that are of particular importance to you and decide where you can save.
  • Start your guest list: who do you want to invite?
  • If you would like a wedding planner, contact the person now
  • Search for different venues and once you have decided, reserve your dream venue!
  • Listen out to recommendations from friends and family and research bands, caterers, florists etc. that could be of interest.
  • It can help to create a wedding folder so that you can keep all the information, brochures, invoices etc. together and always know where everything is.

8 months before the wedding

  • Book the photographer
  • Book the band
  • Meet with the caterer
  • Book the florist
  • Do you already have engagement photos? Now is a good time to book a photo shoot and choose the right outfit for it.
  • How about a wedding website where you gather all the information for family and friends?
  • Are some of your family members or friends from far away? Research suitable accommodations, which you can then suggest to them and maybe book for them
  • Now is the time…have you already picked your wedding day outfits?
  • Go to the register office and arrange everything for a church wedding, if desired.

6-7 months before the wedding

  • It is time to buy the invitation cards
  • Finish the guest list and check if you have all the addresses, if not, find out the missing ones 
  • Reserve an evening for planning and booking your honeymoon!
  • Choose what the bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower children should wear
  • What else is there to organise at the venue? Light? Extra toilets? Generators?
  • Do you need to hire something like chairs, tents, dishes, tablecloths etc.?
  • Have you thought about how you and the guests get to and fro the venue? Do you need to book taxis, shuttles etc. in advance?
  • Send save-the-date cards to your guests

4-5 months before the wedding

  • Yay! You are allowed to go cake tasting. Find your favorite cake shop and order your wedding cake
  • Send invitations for stag and hen dos, if you are planning any
  • Book the stylist and make-up artist for the big day
  • Choose your wedding music and think about which songs you want to hear at what time during the ceremony
  • Go to the first dress or suit fitting. Maybe you also need some little accessories?
  • Book a hotel room for your wedding night
  • Talk to your Bridesmaids and the Best Man/Groomsmen, what can they do to organise your hen and stag do, or do you want them to think about games for the party in the evening etc.?

3 months before the wedding

  • Is the menu with the caterers already set?
  • Print the menu cards
  • Have you already chosen and bought your rings?
  • Now is the time to think about the exact schedule for the wedding, if you are planning a program for the guests, print it out now.
  • Do you want friends or family to give a speech or do a reading? Talk to them about it now

2 months before the wedding

  • Meet with your photographer and consider if you have specific wishes for the photos
  • Have you already discussed your playlist with the band and / or the DJ (and “don’t play list”)?
  • Send out your invitations, if you haven´t already done so!
  • If you want a wedding announcement in your local newspaper, now is the time to organise it
  • Pay any outstanding bills now to keep on top of them.

1 month before the wedding

  • The last fitting for the dress is on
  • Buy drinks for the party
  • Talk to all service providers again, does everyone know when they should be where?
  • Plan the seating order and create or order table cards
  • Buy the decorations and/or organise an evening with friends at which you make decorations together
  • Write a gift list or set up a wedding table in various shops
  • Have you already received feedback from all guests? Check with those who have not yet replied, so that you have a full guest list and know how many guests you expect

1 week before the wedding

  • Are there any small tasks that need to be done on the wedding day that you can hand over to family or friends?
  • Send the final guest list to the caterer
  • It is a good idea to dance in your wedding shoes during this week, that way you minimise  the chance of hurting feet on your big day!
  • Pack for the honeymoon
  • AND very important: relax, almost everything is done! So how about a nice massage, a relaxing spa afternoon or a relaxing evening with your best friend?

After the wedding and the honeymoon

  • Pay all outstanding bills
  • Get your wedding outfits to the dry cleaners and think about whether you want to sell or store your outfits
  • Write thank you cards
  • If you changed your name: Remember to apply for new documents with the new name within the legal timeframe.

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