White Roses Wedding at Gutshof Szilagyi

2 December 2021

Maria and Biko’s wedding in this 400-year-old manor house in Lower Austria couldn’t have been more romantic. It was a very emotional wedding ceremony with lots of tears (luckily the bride and groom had taken precautions and there were tissues for each guest in a cute little paper bag labelled “For the tears of joy”). After the bride and groom had read their beautiful love letters to each other (yes, more tears!), the guests were invited to an incredibly pretty long table decorated with white roses and silvery green eucalyptus. The white roses fitted perfectly into the romantic ambience of the Szilagyi estate, as did Maria’s wedding dress with its beautiful lace pattern tied into a bodice at the back. The white roses are also found in the bride’s bouquet and the groom, in a classic blue suit with waistcoat and bow tie, has a white rose on his lapel to match.

White Roses Wedding at Gutshof Szilagyi

Did you know that white roses at a wedding stand for fidelity, innocence and passion? I think Maria and Biko chose the colours and decor really beautifully. There was a great mix of classic elements, like the white three-tier wedding cake decorated with chrysanthemums, macaroons and figs, and playful boho style with a popcorn machine and matching stationery.

Vintage Wedding in Austria

You know I’m a photographer for the special moments in life and there were many of them at Mario and Biko’s wedding! From the palpable anticipation and excitement of the Getting Ready, to the emotional wedding ceremony itself. We were also able to take beautiful photos of the two of them in the surrounding meadows. And the Szilagyi estate itself also offers an incomparable backdrop. Just look how cute the dream couple looks under the old weeping willow in the courtyard! 

In the evening, we marvelled at a beautiful sunset over the Szilagyi estate – a breathtaking moment. Let our love sparkle! With a sparkler send-off, Maria and Biko celebrated a magical end to their dream wedding at Szilagyi Manor. 

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