Why an After Wedding Shooting is essential

4 September 2018

The beauty of an after wedding shoot is that you can once again bring your wedding outfits to light in order to celebrate your love at an individually chosen location, while beautiful photos are taken of you and your love. Whether on a mountain top, on a wild sea cliff, or at the place where you first met / kissed / went on holiday – you choose!

Why an After Wedding Shooting is essential

What´s so special about an after wedding shoot? You can concentrate completely on yourselves, without having to think about your guests or the wedding party and I am able to take pictures of you in in a calm setting. You are relaxed and have no pressure to be somewhere else. 

After Wedding Shooting, but not at home place?

Many couples opt for an after wedding photo session because they desire wedding photos in a specific place, where they could not have their wedding. Others, because they may have had a magical winter wedding, but now also like wedding photos on a summer meadow. Still others appreciate the flexibility of being able to choose the day at, relatively, short notice and therefore to a degree, the weather of the shoot. In the same way you can influence the time of day (the best light!). Do you want a sunset as backdrop or the first morning rays?

An after wedding shoot is always a great experience, even if you decide to spend these precious moments together a year or two after the actual wedding. As an After Wedding Shooting photographer, I’m there to take the photos you hoped for and can completely identify with.


fotograf Mallorca after wedding shooting
After Wedding Shooting auf Mallorca
fotograf Irland after wedding shooting
After Wedding Shooting in Irland
fotograf Venedig after wedding shooting
Romantisches Shooting in Venedig
fotograf Kanaren after wedding shooting
Shooting in Kanaren
fotograf Portugal after wedding shooting
Fotosession in Portugal
fotograf Österreich after wedding shooting
After Wedding Shooting in Österreich
fotograf Lanzarote after wedding shooting
After Wedding Shooting in Lanzarote
fotograf Amalfi after wedding shooting
Fotokulisse in Positano. Amalfi

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